Friday, August 17, 2012

Beginning Seventh Year of Retirement

As of yesterday, it was official, I am now in my seventh year of being retired, having successfully wrapped up the previous six.  Round Lake, Illinois, teachers are back for institutes, continuing today and Monday.  First day for students is Tuesday, always what I consider to be the start of the real school year.

In teaching, your retirement does not begin until the teachers go back to school.  You're off during the summers anyway.

Where the past six years went is anybody's guess.  I just have to say they went by VERY FAST.  And, I've sure really enjoyed them.

I would have liked to have done more traveling, but the GRBs are keeping the price of gas way too high.  Right now, it is $4.20 at most places here, just about the highest its ever been...and, this is supposed to be the down time.  Der Mit's buds are sure doing what they can to embarrass the president's reelection campaign with this move.

Anyway, Happy 7th to Me.  --RoadDog

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