Sunday, March 25, 2012

A Walk on the Beach

I just got back from a nice walk on the the beach. Today is definitely a better one than yesterday.

One thing nice about the Topsail Beach, North Carolina, is the numerous public access sites, each with parking and a walkway over the dunes (which are illegal to walk on). The one by Mom's place now has a small sitting area, which makes it even nicer, especially for people who can't go out on the beach.

Each public access also has a doggie station where owners can pick up little plastic blue bags for dog waste. And that is a real good thing because a real lot of people walk their dogs on the beach. And, these dogs sure enjoy that!! Lots and lots of stuff to investigate and smell, as well as people to pet them and other dogs to sniff.

Today, there were quite a few dead jellyfish washed up in the sand, probably from that horrendous storm we had last night. I also actually found some of Dad's "lima beans." We call them that because that is what they look like. These are metamorphic, quartz-rich rock that washed out to sea from the Piedmont Plain in the Pre-Cambrian Era and are over 3 billion years old. The last several times here, I didn't find any.

Remember What They Say About a Day at the Beach. --RoadDog

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