Thursday, March 29, 2012

Flying Home Again: A Big Surprise

Enjoyed looking a the coastline on the way from Raleigh-Durham to Newark. The last 30 minutes was some of the roughest I'd ever been in due to high winds. The pilot sure earned his money today.

Landed in Newark and emerged from the walkway into a huge mass of humanity. I've never seen that many folks in a terminal before. They have a circular area with about seven-eight gates and evidently, some flights were getting delayed because of the wind.

I saw that I had come out of Gate 23A. I looked on m boarding pass and saw my plane was to leave from Gate 23A. I was expecting another substantial walk to my gate, but this is as close as you can possibly get to it.

I saw that the gate had been moved to 26A, very close by so could sure live with that. Now, that just doesn't happen. I ALWAYS am as far away from a connecting gate as you can get, but not this time.

Now Wait, This Could Be a Mirage. --RoadDog

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