Friday, March 9, 2012

Off to See the Eagles Fly-- Day 2: Part 1: And, We Saw Eagles!!

February 28th

We crossed the bridge into Dubuque, Iowa, not-knowing whether we would be skunked today or perhaps get lucky and see a few eagles. Regardless, we have places to go and it is a beautiful drive along Iowa's Mississippi River shore.

We always make the locks and dams as this is a place the bald eagles tend to congregate. First stop was the Dubuque Lock and Dam north of town. Bam!! We saw seven eagles!! Between there and the south end of the river drove along the levee.

We weren't going to be skunked after all.

Next was the drive on US-52 to Bellevue. On our very first eagle trip, this is where we had seen a baldie up close and personal in a tree by the main street and the park by the lock and dam. We had seen them for the next several trips, but hadn't seen any since then.

But today, paydirt. There was one in that tree so got some great shots. There were several others south of town.

Love Them Baldies. --RoadDog

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