Friday, March 23, 2012

A Small Town Mighty Proud of Their Team

It was a real David vs. Goliath story back in 1952. A small high school in northern Illinois, Alden-Hebron, with a total of 98 students, was playing some good basketball. The town, Hebron, was solidly behind the team, featuring the play of the Judson brothers.

This was back when all high schools participated in the same tournament, not separate groupings like today.

Yesterday marked the 60th anniversary of their 64-59 victory over Quincy to clinch it.

The town is still proud of that team. The water tower is done up like a giant basketball with their feat on it. There are basketball backboards with the feat on it around town. My favorite restaurant in town, Kaitie's, has pictures of the team and reunions along the wall. (I keep our boat out at a farm just west of town.)

So, Congratulations to The Alden-Hebron Giants and the Town of Hebron!! --RoadDog

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