Monday, March 12, 2012

Painted the Town Green-- Part 1

This past Saturday, we drove to Milwaukee for their 47th annual St. Patrick's Day Parade.

That I-94 gets mighty confusing around where the bypass splits off due to some major road construction, and we ended up on the bypass for a ways before we found a detour to get back to downtown.

Always love that big clock tower on the southern approach to the city. They're still using that modified smiley face for the Summerfest grounds. We used to go to that every year, but have since stopped as the prices of everything are approaching the Chicago heights and, then the bands are all trying to play loud enough to drown out the ones playing at other venues. But, at one time we used to go at least once, if not twice a year.

We eventually got to the parking lot next to the Hilton where we were staying. Kelly had gotten a $45 rate for the night!! You can't even get a Motel 6 that cheap in most places anymore.

The parking lot is not covered, but cheap. It costs $20 a day to park in the Hilton lot. However, be careful. The lot is $5 a day, but your time expires at midnight the same day you pay. Good if you're leaving after the parade. Not so good if you are spending the night. technically, at midnight, you are parking illegally and you don't want to offend the parking gods in a big city. You get towed, then it will be your first-born.

What To Do, What To Do? --RoadDog

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