Friday, March 9, 2012

NTN Cruising This Past January-- Part 3: Happy Harbor and Applebee's Beaches

January 9th.

The Monday after the great NIU Go-Daddy Bowl win over Arkansas State, to cap arguably the best (or second-best-ever Northern football season in my memory), we left Mobile and drove east on I-10 to Alabama Hwy 59 ans south to Foley to Lambert's where we got "throwed at" and enjoyed that great food and atmosphere.

Fully loaded, we drove a short distance to Gulf Breeze and then several miles west to HAPPY HARBOR, a new place with NTN. Very friendly staff and $2 domestic bottles. Definitely a place we'll visit again. Near a little marina.

January 10th

Liz's 61st birthday. Drove over to Wal Mart and bought a king cake for Liz's birthday and then stopped at a new NTN site, Applebee's Beaches there on Back Bay Road. Pretty much a standard Applebees, but some real good drink specials. The bartender was related to the family at the Drift Wood Lodge where we are staying.

January 11th

Kind of a cold day at Panama City Beach, Florida, so drove into Panama City and played NTN at Joe's Corner Pub, a short distance from the bridge. Always a fun place with the crowd. We even had folks playing as well, a rare thing in our travels. Then, there are those great wings that they specialize in.

Two new sites.

NTNin' and Grinnin'. --RoadDog

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