Sunday, March 25, 2012

An Airporting I Go: More Fun and Games

From O'Hare, I was in a much bigger plane, one I could put the carry-on in the overhead bin. Unfortunately, I ended up in the middle of three seats, definitely not my most favorite situation. But, I guess I can't complain as the whole flight down and back just cost $17. Beggars can't be choosy.

Last year, they asked for volunteers in Cleveland to get bumped. When they hit $300, a motel room and meals, I was a bought man. I got to Milwaukee the following morning. Not a bad night's work.

No problems on to Raleigh-Durham and no wait to get my carry-on.

Rented the car at Thrifty. I found out yesterday that it is a flex-fuel one so will have to figure that one out. I've never had one before. The main question is whether or not I can use regular unleaded in it as I don't know where any E-85 stations are.

Always Fun, Always Games. --RoadDog

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