Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Off to See the Eagles-- Day 1, Part 3: 'Buque here We Come

Drove that great stretch of US-20 from Galena to the Swiss Inn in East Dubuque, Illinois, and checked in at the Swiss Inn, our usual motel when we're in the area. Nothing fancy, but clean and around $50.

Drove on west past that great Timmerman's Steakhouse sign on the bluff. That is one really pretty sign. The food up on the bluff is good and there is quite a nice view during daylight hours.

Then past Van's Liquor Store we go. That is one big and well-stocked reasonably-stocked place.

Across the Mississippi River and Dubuque is a real pretty town during the day when crossing the bridge, but even prettier at night with all those lights. On past the old and newly renovated Julien Hotel and then to the Grand Tap next to the courthouse.

One thing, though, about driving around Dubuque, Iowa. Watch out for those one way streets. At one intersection, I was in the far left lane waiting to turn left when I found I wasn't on a one way street. And, of course, along came a guy wanting to turn into the lane I was sitting in. Quick scramble over to the right.

Fun and Games Driving Through Dubuque. --RoadDog

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