Thursday, March 22, 2012

And, An Airporting I Go: Some Trials and Tribulations on Tuesday-- Part 1


Liz and I drove to Milwaukee, making our usual stop at the White Castle in Kenosha on Wi-50 and I-94 to take care of our slider crave. We usually get the 4.99 4 sliders, fries and drink special and use that wonderful senior discount. Of course, I then have to customize the burgers to my criteria.

Gas was $4.16 to $4.20 everywhere in Wisconsin. On the 11th, it was $4. Sure is an early summer driving excuse this year from the money grubbers.

I had already gotten my boarding pass at home and only had my carry on, so no wait at the counter. I always make sure I get to go to that great Renaissance Books in the terminal. This is one of the best used book stores you will find anywhere and who would have thought you'd find it in an airport terminal. Even if you're not flying somewhere, they will validate your parking for an hour if you buy something.

I found a book on Fort Fisher, "Hurricane of Fire: The Union Assault on Fort Fisher" by Charles M. Robinson. Of course, Fort Fisher is the battle that got me interested in history and particularly that of the Civil War back 53 years ago. And, even better, this is a book I didn't have. So, bought it for $25.

A Great Experience So Far, But Wait. --RoadDog

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