Friday, February 17, 2012

The Filming of the "Groundhog Day" Movie: Part 4

Usually, you will find famed McHenry County resident Jim May telling groundhog stories and stories about early life in the county. 

Rick Bellairs was an extra back in 1992 and says many of the people you see in the scenes are locals.  He can be seen in the crowd scenes on the square (Gobbler;s Knob) and in the scene where Bill Murray's character catches the boy falling from the tree.  His car appears in the scene where Murray takes money from the bank truck (perhaps the one that drove by).

Bellairs is now a realtor, but at the time was between jobs and went in for a casting call.  He said extras had to be available daily, wearing the same clothes in the same spot repeatedly as Murray's character repeated many events in the film.

"I can spot myself, but don't blink," he says. 

He went on to appear as an extra in other films like "Sleepless in Seattle" and "Hoffa."

The History of the Filming.  --RoadDog

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