Saturday, February 4, 2012

Off to See the Groundhog...Again

Only this time, I won't be seeing Scooter, the little furry varmint with serious overbite, who stood in for Woodstock Willie a couple days ago on the actual Groundhog Day.  I found out Scoot is a direct descendant of the original groundhog who co-starred with Bill Murray back when the movie was made, twenty years ago.

I was looking at video I took Thursday morning and Scooter (AKA Woodstock Willie)  was quite cool, calm and collected at first, especially when given something to eat.  But a bit later got quite antsy and it was all his handler could do to hold him.

Sadly, WW won't be making an appearance today, but the big one with a human inside will be around.  Most all of the shops around the square will be open all day so will go to them, including Thoughtfulness, a store I shouldn't go into because of all the things in there I like.  I'll have to get my yearly groundhog cookie at the Swiss Miss bakery (which you can see a part of at the corner where the old man always tried to get Phil Connors to give him money.

They Say He Is a Groundhog If Ever There Were a Groundhog.  --GroundDog

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