Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Filming of the "Groundhog Day" Movie-- Part 1

From the Feb. 2nd Northwest Herald "Wild about the hog" by Jami Kunzer.

Pam Hockemeyer remembers the filming of the movie, twenty years ago, very well.  She owned a Prairie Patchwork mercantile on the Woodstock Square at the time, and, if you look closely, when Bill Murray steps into the puddle, you can see the awning of her place at 106 Cass St in the background.  Today, the Backdrop store is there.

In addition, she and her son Michael, then a middle school student, were extras in the film, but their scenes were not included in the final presentation.

The crew and cast spent six months in town and some bought quilts from her shop.  (The main filming, however was about half that).  Bill Murray bought a couple and the crew bought one for director Harold Ramis and his wife as an anniversary gift.

One of her quilts can be seen in the background of the bachelor auction as well and two her pillows can be seen in the scene where Bill Murray tries to seduce Andie MacDowell in his room.  It can also be seen where Ned is thanking Phil after the auction for buying all that insurance.

She managed to collect a lot of movie memorabilia, including a Tip Top cafe menu, groundhog props and miniature signs announcing, "Now filming in Woodstock Groundhog Day with Bill Murray."  She also took pictures inside the cafe and of "Gobler's Knob."

When she owned the store, she had a wall dedicated to it.

More to Come.  --  RoadDog

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