Monday, February 27, 2012

"The Cherry Street Inn" Is Now the Royal Victorian Manor B&B

From the Feb. 2nd Northwest Herald.

In March 2008 airline pilot Everton Martin and wife Karla Stewart-Martin bought the old home after doing an extensive search for a B&B to run. They saw the place and immediately knew this was what they wanted., naming it the Royal Victorian Manor. Personally, I would have liked to see the name Cherry Street Inn, but that would probably cause problems with the movie theater.

They converted the home, which had also been used as a convalescent residence and opened in June 2010. They have five suites ranging in price from $125 to $175. They live on the third floor in former attic space. The common area is on the first floor.

Marty Rachford, written about in an earlier entry on the place, was one of the people remodeling his old home. He reroofed it and returned a spire that he and his brother had been removed when they sold the place in 1988.

A new white picket fence and entry way also was put up. The ones from the movie had been removed after the filming, so the place looks more like it did in the movie.

Obviously, the Martins were booked solid during the recent Groundhog Day celebration.

The movie made its producers $70.9 million in 1993 when it was released.

I'll Have to Save My Dough and Stay There Sometime. --RoadDog

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