Friday, February 10, 2012

A.L. Westgard, Auto Pathfinder

After getting his commission from the AAA to map three transcontinental highways, "This he did, making three transcontinental trips in one year: The Northwest Trail from New York to Seattle, The Overland Trail from San Francisco to New York, and the Midland Trail from New York to Los Angeles.

Shortly thereafter, the Pathfinder people attached a plaque to a door of his vehicle noting the feat. 

Circa 1919-20, Westgard wrote a book about his adventures which contained many fine photographs.  he retained a chauffeur to do the driving while, with pen and notebook, he was able to record mileage, directions, sights, road conditions, etc., without distraction.  Mrs. Westgard along with Pan, the family dog, would sometimes accompany him."

Even to drive across the US today is hard, but to do that in 1912, when roads often were no more than a road in name only is mind boggling.  Plus, writing in a vehicle going over those bumpy roads had to have been a lot of fun as well.

Quite a Guy.  --RoadDog

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