Thursday, February 9, 2012

Carrying On at the Hog's Celebration-- Part 1

After the movie, Liz and I walked over by the site of the old Tip Top Cafe where, in the movie, Phil Connors crammed all the food into his mouth.  It was not a restaurant during the movie filming.  Several other restaurants have tried to make a go at the site in the last twenty years, but all have failed.  I was able to eat in the place the most recent time it was open and ate at that crook in the wall by where Bill Murray sat.

This is also the site of the mud puddle, "Watch out for that first step.  It's a doozy."  Although the actual site is now under landscaping, there is a nearby plaque.  This is also the side of the street known as Ned;s Corner, where Needlenose Ned accosted our "hero" every day.

I was able to get in and out of the Thoughtfulness Shop on this stretch of square.  This is one of those stores I should never go into as there is too much of the stuff I like inside.  But, I got out without buying anything.

Then, it was across the street to the Swiss Maid Bakery for our annual Groundhog Cookie.  Unfortunately, they were out and we had to settle for a Smiley Face Cookie.  To paraphrase Rita, "And I hate smiley faces."

Then took a walk on the west side of the square where Liz's mom was in assisted living at the Village Cove, now Murphy Block Studios.  She had a room overlooking the square.  I always kidded her that she was going to have to hang in there and keep the place until I was ready for it.  Living on and enjoying all that Woodstock square has to offer would be a great place to live out my waning years.

Heading to the Opera House.  --RoadDog

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