Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Here's a New Way to Celebrate Groundhog Day

As I sit here thinking about whether I want to dive the 17 miles over to Woodstock, Illinois, to see whether or not Woodstock Willie sees his shadow or not tomorrow.  The prognostication occurs at 7:07 AM, mighty early for us old retirees to be getting up.  Liz has already nixed the idea for herself.

From Phil Vettel in the Jan. 31st Chicago Tribune.

"Groundhog Day" writer/producer/director Harlod Raimis (who was also the doctor in the movie) is an investor in Harry Caray's restaurants and partner at the Navy Pier one (the other at 33 W. Kinzie).  In honor of the movie, tomorrow, both restaurants have a special deal.

If you come in Thursday and order lunch, you can return Friday and get it for free.  We'll call it a Phil Connors thing.

However, certain restrictions apply.

Too Bad I Don't Go Into Chicago Much Anymore.  I Hate to Get Ripped Off (Although This Sounds Like a Good Deal).  --RoadDog

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