Thursday, February 23, 2012

NTN Cruising This Past January-- Part 2

We went to two more NTN sites in Hattiesburg, Mississippi.


There could not have been a possible vehicle in the whole state of Mississippi that wasn't out driving and getting in our way as we drove to this place after leaving the BW3. This is your typical small strip mall sports joint with high ceilings and lots of TVs.

No one else was playing as the place was really quite dead except for one other customer. Exceptionally friendly bartender and cook.


Good-sized crowd at this place considerably south of Hattiesburg and near some sort of a military installation. Unfriendly though and especially the bartender. No one playing the game. Definitely a place we would not go back to.

We then drove into Mobile and got our room for the next three days. There are several NTN sites in town, but we had already been to them. We did play at Baumhower's where we first experienced that high-pitched Red Wolf Howl that Arkansas State fans give each other. In addition, the University of Arkansas was playing a bowl game, so we got to hear the pig sounds their fans make. I tell you, it was a real animal experience.

A-Ohhhhhhh! A-Ohhhhhhhh! or Whatever the Sound Is That Wolves Howl. --RoadDog

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