Tuesday, December 13, 2011

West Michigan Pike-- Part 4: Going Back to Paw Paw Lake

I was wondering whether Paw Paw Lake was still there and did some more research on it. According to the Lakelubbers site, Paw Paw Lake is an 891-acre lake, about two hours from Chicago with a resort history dating back to the late 1800s along its nine-mile shoreline.

Within a ten-year stretch, 50 hotels and ten dance pavilions were built. Double-decked excursion boats plied the lake. Train records indicate that one summer back then, some 40,000 visitors came to the lake.

The Crystal Palace Ballroom, built in 1925 and continuing operations into the 1950s, reportedly could accommodate 2,500.

The lake is still a resort area today, but on a much diminished level.

A Place to Visit Near the Old WMP. --RoadDog

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