Saturday, December 24, 2011

Route 66's Twelve Days of Christmas-- Part 2

From the Route 66 World website. Thanks Ed Klein. I enjoyed last year's recap of Route 66 and this is another fine one.

THIRD DAY-- GLOBETROTTER LODGE in Holbrook, Arizona. I haven't been there, but sounds like a great mom and pop place to stay if not at the Wigwam. Thanks for the tip.

FOURTH DAY-- ADDITION TO PONTIAC, ILLINOIS 66 MUSEUM-- That would be the Bob Waldmire bus and van. I never saw the bus when he was alive, but many times saw that van. Sure glad we got a chance to meet this person, the spirit of 66.

I've been accused, rightfully so (too much 66 stuff you know), of cluttering, but my hat's off to Bob who took it to a whole new level.

FIFTH DAY-- BIRTHDAY OF THE WAGON WHEEL MOTEL in Cuba, Missouri. That would be the 75th anniversary. We got to stay there when the old owners had it. That was quite an experience.

Even better, the renaissance of the place with the new owners.

SIXTH DAY-- BIRTH OF ROUTE 66 TV-- Jim Conkle's project. I haven't seen it, but anything that gets publicity for our old road is a great thing.

And, a Merry Christmas to You All As Well. --RoadDog

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