Monday, December 12, 2011

West Michigan Pike-- Part 3: Paw Paw Lake "The Newport of the West"

One of the pamphlet's ads was for Paw Paw Lakw, described as "The Newport of the West" featuring "More than Five Hundred Hotels, Boarding Homes and Cottages, Surrounding a Beautiful Lake. One of the Largest and Most Accessible Resorts in Western Michigan."

The lake, however, was not on the Western Michigan Pike, but close to the east.

Also featured were Two Dance Pavilions, Beautiful Bathing Beaches, Fishing, Boating and Other Sports. The Best Place to Spend Your Vacation.

Hotel Rates: $3 to $18 per week
Cottages $7 to $15 per week and $60 to $150 for the season.

Pavilions were quite popular back then. I sure could afford to stay at these rates.

Getting My Paw Law On. --RoadDog

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