Saturday, December 31, 2011

In North Carolina, It's a 'Cue War-- Part 2

At Bridges Barbecue Lodge, Kevin Pang had a bbq side in the state described as "de riguer," and that would be sweet tea, which he described as being "one notch over sweet, but the melted ice corrects the pitchers to just perfect."

Sorry, my own idea of sweet tea is that it is sickenly sweet.  I always order unsweetened and sweeten to my taste, but occasionally accidentally get sweet tea and that, along with my sweetener, why, it will knock you out of your seat.

Then he had a hush puppy, another Carolina de rigueur with 'cue, which he said resemble tamarind (whatever that is) and is  "long pods of dense and crispy fried cornmeal batter, a touch sweet and addictive."

And absolutely at their best just out of the fryer.  Get 'em hot.

You eat them with your bbq, or, at Wilber's, as you wait for your order.  Only problem is that you might fill up on the puppies before the meal comes.  Pace yourself.

More to Come.  --RoadDog

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