Saturday, December 3, 2011

Airplaning It Home-- Part 2: The Problem With Carry-ons

Raliegh-Durham Airport, December 1st.

After the terrorist scare, I went to the gate and read some before the plane left. Be still my beating heart.

The last several planes I'd been on, oversize carry-ons were collected at the plane door and put in the hold. That's what I figured would happen now, but no. This was a bigger plane and people stowed their own carry on. There was room, but a definite problem when the plane had a full passenger department and I was one of the last ones on board.

I had checked a bag on the way down for that lousy $25 extra charge airlines have these days. On the way back, I moved my clothes into a carry on piece to save the money.

There was no room in the overhead compartments except for the one at the very back of the plane.

When we arrived at the gate at Atlanta's Hartsfield Airport, everyone immediately stood up to get their stuff. There was no way I could get to the back of the plane so I ended up waiting until EVERYONE was off before I could get to the back to get my luggage.

And, As It Turned Out, the Fun Was Just Getting Ready to Start. --RoadDog

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