Friday, December 9, 2011

Airplaning It Home-- Part 4: North Carolina Invaded by Badgers

I should mention that I saw a whole lot of folks in the Raleigh-Durham terminal wearing the red of the University of Wisconsin Badgers. I would expect to see lots of Carolina blue, but not so much from Wisconsin.

Then, it hit me. Last night, UW's basketball team faced off against North Carolina in the Dean Dome in Chapel Hill as part of the ACC-Big Ten Challenge. I had watched the first half, but gone to sleep then because of the late hour it was getting to be, 11:00 pm. Figured I needed my beauty sleep for today's trip.

The first half had been pretty close and I had the opportunity to find out the final score. I would have asked one of the Badger fans, but they were all too immersed on the cell phones, laptops and other technological marvels.

The USA Today didn't have the final score either.

I am a big Tarheel fan, but as the years go by, I am becoming more of a Big Ten guy, so was kind of pulling for Wisconsin. Unfortunately, I found out they Badgers lost.

But, the good news, The Big Ten won the Challenge 8-4!! There was a time when the ACC easily won every year, to the point I wanted the Challenge dropped.

But, Not No More. --RoadDog

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