Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Route 66 in the Land of Lincoln-- Part 4

** Happy Birthday You Old Coot-- The 94th birthday, August 5th, of Ernie Edwards had a party at St. Clara's Manor in Lincoln, Illinois, surrounded by friends and family. Ernie used to own the famous Pig Hip Restaurant in nearby Broadwell.

Definitely a favorite Old Coot of ours. A short visit always ended up longer with all those stories, and Ernie Sure Liked to Tell His Stories.

**An article about the Chain of Rocks Bridge Festival and trip to it. Met friends at the Missouri 66 table and later ate at Ted Drewe's.

** Comedian Billy Connolly Update. He had an accident, but is ok and will continue his ride on the Mother Road.

** Death of James H. Allen (1943-2011) Former owner of Scotty's in Hamel, Illinois. Sold the place and retired a few years ago. The place now called Weezy's.

That Wraps Up Illinois for Fall. --RoadDog

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