Thursday, December 15, 2011

Driving Illinois' US-136-- Part 2: Macomb

We drove through little Ipava. Kind of wonder how you pronounce it. Saw a woman at a gas station who had driven her lawn tractor up to a pump and was filling it. Sure beats lugging those gas cans around.

Then arrived in Macomb, home of Western Illinois University. Neither of us had ever been there, even though three of our Usual Suspects group graduated from it. I once had a chance to go while in college, when my fraternity, Delta Sigma Phi at Northern Illinois, took a road trip to visit their Delta Sig chapter, but I couldn't get out of my job at Lincoln Hall Food Service that weekend and had to remain.

I wasn't happy about it, and even more so one the brothers returned with tales of Lakers and other parties. I hate it when work gets in the way of good times.

We drove around looking for a motel near the Buffalo Wild Wings (where we wanted to play some NTN), but there were none in our price category (cheap). Drove all over town and the ones more affordable weren't by any bar we could walk to.

We were impressed with the WIU campus and the Macomb downtown has not one, but two squares, something you don't often see.

Finally settled on the Macomb Inn, a Best Western Hotel, fairly close to the BW3 (Buffalo Wild Wings as us oldsters call the places). Played NTN for several hours, of course.

On the Road Again. --RoadDog

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