Thursday, December 29, 2011

In North Carolina It's a 'Cue War-- Part 1

From the July 3, 2011, Chicago Tribune "The war between the tastes in BBQ" by Kevin Pang.

I wrote about the background of "The War Between the Tastes" in today's Cooter's History Thing Blog since it definitely is history in North Carolina, the war between those who prefer eastern and those for western-styles in the Tarheel state.

Primarily, eastern (where I'm from)  is a vinegar/pepper base made from the whole hog and western also has ketchup and sugar added for a sweet/sour taste and made from the pig shoulder.

Kevin Pang refers to western-style as Piedmont-style.  He visited three BBQ places, all in the state's Piedmont, so his article is a good overview of ta'other side's stuff. 

If it is a "real" 'cue place, nothing fancy and a bit rustic, that only makes the food taste all that much better.

He first drove to Shelby, a 45-minute drive from Charlotte and went to Red Bridges Barbecue Lodge, which has been cooking 60 years.

Rule of thumb for picking out a good 'cue place, "If you don't see a pile of wood in the back, turn around."

Good Eatin' Here We Come.  --RoadDog

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