Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Driving Illinois' US-136: Macomb, Here We Come

September 6th. On our way to Miami, Oklahoma, for the Route 66 Association of Missouri's Motor Tour.

We got on US-136 at the Dixie Truckers Home in McLean, Illinois after a ride along Route 66 from Dwight.

When we got to El Paso, Il., a cop came up behind me unobserved and gave us a scare as I was driving a few miles over the speed limit. You never know in a small town. WE drove around downtown and when back on 136, saw that he had someone pulled over.

Havana has a historic water tower and some old brick streets. This is an old Illinois River town. The bridge over the river was impressive.

Up to now, the land had been fairly flat, but there was a drop as we approached the river and then it was considerably hillier west of town.

On the Road Again. --RoadDog

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