Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Airplaning It back Home: Part 3: Too Little ECU

Almost forgot to mention the sports at Raleigh-Durham Airport.

With the time I had to kill, I took a walk-around the concourse and checked out the places selling athletic stuff. Of course, Raleigh-Durham is the center for many in the college universe, what with NC State being in Raleigh, Duke being in Durham and Carolina at nearby Chapel Hill.

You gave to expect those schools to be well-represented, and, to a lesser extent, Wake Forest in Winston-Salem. But what I really had my eye out for was any East Carolina University apparel.

One indication of a college's spot in the local pecking order can be found at a local airport judging by how much apparel is offered.

Poor ECU would like to join the ranks of the others, but it is a long hard climb. Those other three just don't want to share.

The first place I went to had absolutely no Pirate stuff. The second place had and ECU hat. I hit the motherlode in the third which has an ECU hat and even a tee shirt.

Well, that's not much, but better than nothing.

And, they didn't EVEN HAVE ANY Northern Illinois stuff. That's ok, though, neither does O'Hare.

East Carolina Has a Long Way to Go. --RoadDog

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