Tuesday, February 10, 2009

There Really Was an HMS Edinburgh and Lots of Gold

I looked up the HMS Edinburgh on the internet and found out there really was such a ship that carried gold bullion from Uncle Joe (Stalin) to the Allies to cover war materiel he was receiving. I first heard about it while talking with the guy from Alaska at Donovan's Reef in Panama City Beach which I had a blog entry on Feb. 5th.

I'd never heard of this ship, or the gold, before. The Edinburgh was a light cruiser that was escorting a convoy from Murmansk, Soviet Union, when it was hit and disabled by two torpedoes fired from a U-Boat. While being towed back to Murmansk, it was attacked by German planes and three destroyers and finally crippled beyond salvage. The British attempted several times to sink her, including exploding depth charges alongside it, but finally succeeded with torpedoes.

A dive company recovered most of the gold ingots in 1981 by cutting through the hull. So, this must have been the guy's participation in the event.

I'll report more on the story in my Cooter's History Thing blog, http://cootershistorything.blogspot.com

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