Thursday, February 5, 2009

Donovan's Reef (Florida Version)-- Interesting Characters and Karaoke.

We've spent some great times since Saturday at Donovan's Reef Bar across Front Beach Road from the Driftwood Lodge where we're staying. Of course, Donovan's reef is the place we hang out at more often than not at home.

This is our kind of place with very friendly locals and snowbirds. Been enjoying their $1.25 frozen mugs of Natural Light, plus karaoke Wednesdays to Saturdays. Some of the folks can sing, but others are pretty bad. One guy in particular makes up for inability to sing with enthusiasm.


Quite a few snowbirds, including neighbor Larry from Indiana hang out there. We've gotten to meet Gary, a retired Ford autoworker from Detroit, who I will dub as the "Mayor of Donovan's." He has retired full-time to here.

Plus, there was the couple from Alaska who are snow-birding it. He is a deep water welder who works on oil rigs and also recovered gold from the WW II wreck of the Edinburgh which was carrying gold bars for the Lend-Lease Program. I'll have to look that up. They said that their home is right by the area that the film "North to Alaska" was based on and knew the people actors Stewart Granger, Ernie Kovacs, and John Wayne were based on as well.

More to Come. Really Interesting Folks at Donovan's. --RoadDog

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