Friday, February 13, 2009

The Lincoln Highway's Coffee Pot

The good folks at the HMdb recently spotlighted the Lincoln Highway's Coffee Pot in what was called programmic architecture designed to appeal to the driving public. This type of structure was an over-sized building designed to look like something.

There were many in Pennsylvania along the LH like the Ship Hotel and Shoe House.

In 1927, Bert Koontz designed and quickly erected the Coffee Pot in the west end of Bedford, Pa.. At first, it was a restaurant with gas station next door. In 1937, it was converted into a bar with a hotel built in back of it. A Greyhound bus depot was located next door.

In 2004, the Lincoln Highway Heritage Corridor moved and restored it. The article has a picture of the marker and the Coffee Pot.

Bedford, Pennsylvania, also has the Espy House, where George Washington stayed on his way to crush the Whiskey Rebellion.

There is also a marker where the Lincoln Highway meets the Super Highway, the Pa. Turnpike. It says that Pennsylvania has three centuries of American transportation from Indian paths, to wagon trails, canals, railroads, along with roads and highways.

Rolling Down the Old Lincoln. --RoadDog

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