Tuesday, February 17, 2009

New NTN Sites: Search for the Warm

Here is a partial list of new (to us) NTN sites we visited in our annual Search for the Warm earlier this month.

DOTHAN, ALABAMA January 30th

PLAN B SPORTS PUB-- Free membership, but $5 cover charge for band, so didn't play here. Tried to tell the girl at the door that we were just going to play a game and leave, but to no avail.

LEGENDS-- no membership required. No one else playing and friendly bartender and patrons.

POCKETS LOUNGE-- paid $1 membership only to find NTN wasn't working,so left. Loads of billiard tables.

BEEF O'BRADY'S-- No membership required. Every seat in place taken and everyone playing Texas Hold 'Em. We left without playing. A national chain where a lot of them have the game.

TIME OUT-- Bought one membership (Liz got in as a visitor). Played a couple games. Typical sports bar.


THIRSTY GOAT-- In an old hotel dating back to about 1900, perhaps older. Very small bar and they weren't open yet when we visited, but they were nice enough to let us play. Might go back sometime and stay.


MANGO MARLEY'S-- Great Beach Bar. Like they say, "Floribbean Food, Fun, & Rum." Nothing fancy about this place located across the street from the Gulf. Picnic tables serve as seating if you're not at the bar. We were called "Snowbillies" by one patron. I'll take this as a compliment. Send us all your snowbirds, we need your money. Might have stayed at Mexico Beach, but couldn't find any likely motels within walking distance.

More to Come. --RoadDog

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