Friday, February 20, 2009

So, What Did I Buy?

Since I'm retired and have really run out of places to put stuff, I try to buy less and less while on the road. Actually, I am getting better at not buying souvenirs, but still have my lapses.

Had a semi-lapse in Panama City Beach. My excuse is that it was the FIRST time we'd been there. And, I'm sticking ....

I bought several pirate figures (one on a motorcycle and another on a surf board, never thought of a pirate on a surfboard, dude), a hat, and shot glasses at WAL MART. Also, two sets of Mardi Gras beads..

A "Bad to the Bone" sign at SHARKY'S.

A Donovan's Reef tee shirt at DONOVAN'S REEF. It got some comments at "our" Donovan's Reef back home in Twin Lakes, Wisconsin.

A sweatshirt at ALVIN'S ISLAND. My EXCUSE here is that it was very c-o-l-d for several days. Really, it was. Had to wear jeans, jacket, and sweatshirt to be comfortable, and I'd only bought one seat shirt.

A bumper sticker and four large postcards at MARGARITAVILLE. Something reasonably priced from old JB, WOW!!! Really like the bags they put your stuff in. Might have to cut it up and put it on the wall.

An ash tray, several shot glasses, sea shells, and a mini alligator in a box at two different EVERYTHING'S A DOLLAR stores.

A couple Jimmy Buffett mouse pads and license plates at WRECK SHIRTS (on sale).

Oh, Well!! --RoadDog

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