Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Mardi Gras in St. Louis

I was wondering if there were any big-time Mardi Gras celebrations here in the Midwest. Asked on the Route 66 Yahoo e-mail group and found out that there is a big one down in St. Louis called the Soulard Parade.

Went to the website and saw film clips of it, and I'm planning on being there next year. This appears to be a good one, with major bead-throwing parade the Saturday before Mardi Gras and a dog parade the Saturday before called the "Barkus Pet Parade."


I even suggested that perhaps the good folks of Route 66 might get involved. Perhaps call ourselves the KICKUS SIXTY SIXUS KREWE.

That would be fun to ride a float and wing beads, and, AFTER ALL, Route 66 DOES Go Through St. Louis.

Mardi Gras, Not for the Weak of Heart. --RoadDog

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