Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Made it Home

Arrived home here in Spring Grove, Illinois, last night. Went out to the mailbox to get the Advertiser still wearing my shorts and tee shirt from sunny and warm Florida. And..., I didn't freeze. I wasn't even cold. That is an amazing feat for February 10th. Hard to believe it was just about as warm here in Illinois as in Florida.


Most interstate folks don't know what a good road US-41 is on its route through western Indiana, but it is four lane divided the whole way, except where it breaks away and heads northeast north of Terre Haute. However, you can take Indiana Highway 63 which continues four lanes.

With the exception of Evansville and Terre Haute, there are no major towns you have to drive through. You might have to stop at a few small towns along the way, though.

But overall, this is a great alternate route to I-65 and a much more direct drive if you're heading for Nashville and points south. I-65 cuts quite a ways east to Louisville and then back west to Nashville.

Love the Road, Good to get Home. --RoadDog

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