Sunday, February 8, 2009

Gonna Miss This

As Trace Adkins sings, "I'm sure gonna miss this."

Sitting at a picnic table right now listening to "Gimme Good Lovin'" by Crazy Elephant on the radio station Beach 95One here in Panama City Beach with the waves of the Gulf of Mexico crashing ashore onto that striking white beach.

What started out as a two day stay here at the Driftwood Lodge was extended three more days, and finally until today (four more). And now, it is going to get considerably warmer, to the 70s. This past week, it was a bit nippy at upper 40s. If I didn't have to work Wednesday, I'd stay a few more days.

We've been watching them build the Pier Park pier and were even awakened last Sunday morning by them pounding forms into the sand.

This is a great place and we will be back.

Sure Gonna Miss It. --RoadDog

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