Tuesday, February 10, 2009

No More Monster Tacos

Two items from yesterday's drive.

We had been wondering whether several signs for places called Jack's located along I-65, might have had something to do with one of our favorite places to eat, Jack in the Box. Liz is particularly fond of their Monster Tacos and I also like the Jumbo Jacks.


We got to talking about how, while a Delta Sig at Northern Illinois University, my roommate, George, got a job at the new Jack in the Box located at Village Commons. His return from the evening shift was always anxiously awaited at the fraternity house on Greenbrier Road, as he would bring any items left over. He's be met at the door by more than a few hungry frat rats. Hey, free food, more money for beer!!!

This got me hooked on Jumbo Jacks. Naturally, as THE ROOMMATE, I got first choice.


Shortly after getting onto I-24 (and we hit Nashville at the evening rush hour and didn't have too bad of a time), we saw a sign for Jack in the Box. We didn't know they had them in Tennessee.

We weren't too happy to see that the Jack in the Box was 2.7 miles off the road. I wish they could let you know that bit of information before you exit. But, we were hungry enough that we decided to drive on to it.

Upon arriving, we searched the menu board looking for Monster Tacos and couldn't find it. We saw a two tacos for 99 cents deal, but no Monsters. Asked the manager who said they were discontinuing them, but he had a few left in the freezer. We ordered five. I'm not sure why they would discontinue them. They are quite popular, and even when the Chicago Tribune ran an article on nearest fast food chains to Chicago (nearest Jack in the Box in Litchfield, Illinois), they mentioned people liking that Mexican creation.

We bought the two smaller tacos to compare them to the Monster, and they're essentially the same, but not to Liz's taste.

I think Jack in the Box is making a mistake doing away with MONSTER TACOS.

I, by the way, did have a Jumbo Jack.

Playing Taps for a Great American tradition. --RoadDog

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