Tuesday, December 1, 2015

The Lincoln Highway-- Part 2: "Highway More in Aspiration Than In Reality"

The Lincoln Highway was formerly opened in a series of events along its path on October 31, 1913.  "...it was a highway more in aspiration than in reality."  It was essentially still the same in two years later when this convoy left New York.

Henry C. Ostermann was at the head of the convoy in a new Stutz touring car.  This man was into cross-country travel by auto and this was at least his sixth time to do so.  He brought along a motion picture camera.

In addition, he was vice president and field secretary of the Lincoln Highway Association (LHA), the organization that raised funds for the road's construction, chose the route and promoted its use.

Osterman and the LHA team were filming the trip from start to end as a publicity tool.  Advance notice was given to towns along the way which supplied money for the trip and crowds.  A big one was at the Lincoln memorial at Gettysburg National Cemetery and parades like the big one in South Bend, Indiana.


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