Friday, December 11, 2015

N.C. for T-Giving-- Part 3: Tuning Into the Radio and Some Dangerous Christmas Presents


North of Morris, Illinois, I encountered some really heavy fog, so bad visibility was down to a matter of 10-20 feet.  It felt like I was in a strange planet, made even worse by the road construction.  At one point, I came across a red light that I didn't see until I was going through the intersection.  Sure glad there wasn't another car crossing at the time.

I was listening to 87.7 MeTV Radio at first.  No Ten at Ten on WDRV as they were doing  their semi-annual Classic Rock from A to Z.  Listened to Classic Rock WJEZ 98.9 FM from Morris to Dwight.  In between times, I was listening to a stowaway CD, Blake Shelton's Greatest Hits.  It had been in the CD player when I left.

The farther south I went, the less snow I encountered on the sides of the road and out in the fields.  The past Friday and into Saturday morning we had received the most November snow I had ever seen up by us along the Wisconsin line, 14.5 inches.  By the time I got to Gibson City it was largely gone.  They really lucked out.

At Gibson City, I passed their annual huge Christmas tree sitting out in the middle of their main street.  They have big blocks of concrete painted like presents to protect it from errant vehicles, so my recommendation is not to run into it.

A bit north of Gibson City, I changed over from CD to WGCY, 106.3, which plays Beautiful Music.  Had you told me I would ever enjoy listening to a Beautiful Music station when I was in my twenties and thirties I'd have told you that you were completely nuts.

But I Sure Enjoy Listening to This Station.  --RoadDog

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