Thursday, December 10, 2015

Sweet St. Louis Is Beckoning-- Part 1 Gooey Butter Cake

From the Jan. 4, 2015, Chicago Tribune by Katherine Rodeghier.

St. Louis is more than beer and baseball.  You know, Anheuser-Busch and Cardinals.

The city has a sugary side as well.


St. Louis's signature dessert that was created by accident.  One version of the story is that in the early 1940s, baker Johnny Hoffman set out to make a cake with a firm consistency like a pound cake, but also had other ingredients.  he was experimenting and came across it.

The dessert usually has a yellow cake base topped with a layer made of eggs, cream cheese and flavorings which is then dusted with confectioners sugar.  Gooeys are usually about an inch high and cut into squares and served at room temperature or warm

Ann & Allen Baking Company makes 76 varieties of the cake and sells them online  They also serve a selection of them at their Park Avenue Coffee shops in various locations around St. Louis.  Top sellers are Mom's Traditional, triple chocolate, turtle, red velvet and pumpkin.

I'd never heard of these before.  Maybe next time through town.


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