Tuesday, December 8, 2015

News From Along Route 66-- November 2015

Again, all of these articles are taken from THE source for any and everything Route 66, Route 66 News.  See that site for pictures and more information.  I just write about the items I find of special interest.

NOVEMBER  8--  How to Make Your Community a Route 66 Destination Hot Spot was a talk given by Emily Priddy who pointed out the towns of Pontiac and Atlanta in Illinois, and Shamrock in Texas as ones that have done just that.

I agree with her.  Why not make some money off of being located on America's Road.  I doubt that any own has done more than the two Illinois ones (and now even Bloomington-Normal, Illinois, seem to have awakened from their long sleep in regards to Route 66).

NOVEMBER 10--  12 useful tips for traveling Route 66.  these were of interest to me:

**  Don't rush it.  Give it as much time as possible.  If necessary, even break it up into chunks and travel it a little bit at a time.  Those who do it in a matter of 4-5 days are missing a lot.

**  Try not to get advance reservations at hotels.  This is especially important because you never know what you will find that might detain you longer than you had planned.

**  Avoid chains of all sorts.  Check out the mom and pop motels and restaurants.

**  Keep a journal and take lots of pictures.  I highly recommend Dave Wickline's "Images of 66, Vol. 1" which has the pictures and information about each one.


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