Saturday, December 12, 2015

Sweet St. Louis is Beckoning-- Part 4: Kakao Chocolate

"There is no Lucille Ball machines here," says Brian Pelletier, owner of Kakao Chocolate.  That was one really funny episode where Lucy and Ethel try to keep up with that chocolate candy conveyor belt.  Choclate-makers here take their time and turn out delicious chocolate by hand.  And, they don't add artificial flavors, preservatives, coloring or sweeteners.

Pelletier came into the chocolate-making business in a round-about way.  After spending twenty years in corporate America he had had enough.  A friend had some chocolate-making equipment she wanted to get rid of, so he took it in 2008.  Now, he has a store in St. Louis and two more inthe suburbs.  He says Sea Salt Caramels are his best-sellers

Kakao Chocolate at kakaochocolate.cpm with main store at 2301 S. Jefferson Ave. and also in Maplewood and Clayton.


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