Monday, December 14, 2015

Five Offbeat Realty Reality Checks-- Part 1: Millionaire Mouse and the $1 Million Parking Space

From the Jan. 4, 2015, Chicago Tribune by Michael Estrin.


  Mansions in the Golden Oak gated community in Lake Vista, Florida, start at $1.8 million and sell for as much as $7 million.  But, for that, you get perks such as door-to-door transportation to Disney World, extended park hours and, of course, park passes.

An even bigger feature is "Hidden Mickey" where you can incorporate Mickey into your house design and even shape your backyard pool into Mickey.


  In New York, even tiny studio apartments can rent for thousands of dollars and one bedroom apartments can easily go for seven figures.  Now, you can get a million dollar parking space.

They are about 200 square feet and comes with added features of some storage and an electric charging stations.and are part of a new 10-unit luxury development in Manhattan's SoHo neighborhood.  These condos range from $8.7 million to $10.45 million.

The average parking spot in a New York garage is about $430 a month.

Mickey My Parking Spot.  --RoadDog


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