Saturday, December 12, 2015

N.C. for T-Giving 2015-- Part 4: To Huber Heights, Ohio

I found a good station playing Blues Music by Champaign, WFT, a public radio station.

Stopped in Crawfordsville (as usual) for gas at the Pilot station.  It was the cheapest I got on the whole trip, $1.66 ($1.65.9).  Less and less snow until there was none at all the other side of Indianapolis.  No problem driving through Indy, but a whole lot of trucks east of it on I-70

Stopped at the Ohio Welcome Center east of Richmond, to pock up hotel books to use those good coupons.

Clear sailing until I got near Englewood, Ohio and encountered a huge traffic jam.  Got off at Exit 29, to get my usual Skyline Chili fix, but it was wall-to-wall so got back on I-70.

Picked up my first Christmas Music stations out of Dayton, 106.5 FM which bills itself as Dayton's Christmas Station.  I must admit that I do like my Christmas music this time of the year.  I always look for these stations.

I got off at Exit 36 where I got a room at the Days Inn and paid just $52, including tax.  Good price these days and a nice room.


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