Friday, December 18, 2015

N.C. for T-Giving 2015-- Part 6: "Shoulda Filled Up Last Night"

November 24, 2015, Tuesday.

 Gas most of the way today had been in the $1.66 to $1.90 range, so much better than years past.  I could get used to living with it.  Along the way, somewhere in Ohio or Indiana, the odometer on the '11 Malibu passed 40,000, almost all highway miles, mostly to North Carolina and back.

I should mention that last night, I was thinking of filling the tank which was getting low.  Gas on my side of I-70 was $1.66.  Driving to the other side, I saw that it was $1.90.  For some reason it didn't dawn on me that there might be a gas gouge on.  Usually I figure that out right away, but not this time.  "I'll just fill up tomorrow in the daylight," I thought to myself.

November 25, 2015, Wednesday

Bright and early November 25th, I hit the road and now gas on my side of I-70 was also $1.90.  I coulda, shoulda I thought, so drove on to Dogwood Crossing in Rockridge, Ohio, between Logan and Lancaster,  on US-33, where I often fill up.


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