Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Two Really Fine Radio Stations on the Trip-- Part 2: Classic Country

I left Goldsboro on Nov. 30th, listening to the double CD, Grr, the  Rolling Stones greatest hits package, to Durham and then Lobo to Winston-Salem where I tuned into 98.1 FM WBRF, a station featuring classic country music, which, unlike WWHP, has deejays playing the music (at least during the day).  I listened to it through Mt. Airy and past Wytheville, Virginia, until I hit the first of the two tunnels on I-77.  The last song I heard was Mac Davis' "It's Hard to Be Humble."  After the tunnel, I lost reception.  I guess because I was on the other side of a really big mountain.

I've listened to this station on many occasions while driving through this area.  Being a big country music fan (and I'm listening to the station right now streaming over the internet), I love the songs, especially since they are old, like me.

I did some research on the station at its website.  They broadcast out of Galax, Virginia, in the southwestern part of the state and near Mt. Airy, NC, Andy Griffith's hometown and Snappy Lunch.  A look at its broadcast area puts Mt. Airy right in the center.

They claim to play 50 years of country and from 6 PM to 10:30, play bluegrass and Old Time Music (more on that later). 

When You're Perfect in Every Way.  --RoadDog

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