Friday, December 7, 2012

Music From the Road-- Part 2: Country, No Chaser

Along with Steve miller's "Book of Dreams" I had three recently released CDs by country stars: Jason Aldean's "Night Train," "Toby Keith's "Hope on the Rocks" and Josh Turner's "Punching Bag."  Of course, liking all three of them, I liked all three albums.

Josh Turner, of course, was often singing in that really deep voice of his.  I always look to see the writing credits as I respect them even more when they are singing their own songs.  Josh Turner does that on most of the songs.  Some were co-written with Ben Hayslip and Mark Narmore.  "For the Love of God" featured Ricky Skaggs.

Toby Keith put out a typical Toby Keith album, co-writing most of the songs, but only one with Scotty Emerick who used to be in on most of them.  Bobby Pinson is in on six of the ten cuts and Rivers Rutherford on two.

Jason Aldean does very well being Jason Aldean and singing country music with an edge, often taking the little, loser guy approach to life.  Neil Thrasher wrote a lot of the songs.  One, "The Only Way I Know is sung with two up-and-coming country singers Luke Bryan and Eric Church.  I especially liked "1994" with the "Joe Diffie" chorus.  Diffie is one of my favorites.

Liked 'Em All.  --RoadDog

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