Monday, December 31, 2012

Football On the Road Yesterday

Yesterday, it was a drive on I-24 to I-75 and, like Sherman, a March Through (Well, drive-through) Georgia.

And, we had to find some way to find out what Da Bears were up to and that's not easy in the South.  For some reason, Georgia is not big on Da Bears.

Entering Atlanta, we started seeing lots of vehicles with Falcon flags and stickers and even more as we approached downtown.  We then realized the team must be playing at home today in the Georgia Dome.  They were.

A whole lot of them were in the "Whadayahave? Whadayahave?" Varsity right across from Georgia Tech and near the Dome.  Talked with one group at the next table decked out in Falcon attire and congratulated them on the great year they were having and said we'd pull for them unless they played Da Bears or Da Pack.


Asked how "The Burner," Michael Turner was doing and told them he was from NIU.  They didn't know that.  But they did know we were in the Orange Bowl and they'd never heard of us before.  Even if worse comes to worse, at least folks will know who we are.

Leaving the Varsity was all sorts of fun as there wasn't an entry ramp where we got off.  Toured the Georgia Tech campus, then a whole bunch of Atlanta as we kept encountering streets closed because of the game and cops directing traffic.

Finally back on I-75 and cruising southward.  We did learn the Bears had a 20-10 lead during the Falcon game.  The Bears have to win as well as the Packers for Chicago to get into the playoffs.  We were especially hoping the Bears won because then our friends, all rabid Packer-haters, would be forced to cheer for the Pack.

Found out the Bears won, good, but unfortunately, the Packers lost, so no playoffs for the Bears this year.  Appears our buddies couldn't find a way to pull for the Cheeseheads.  Maybe it will end Smith's tenure and hopefully Cutler's as well.  That's two straight years they have squandered a great first half with a train wreck the second half.

They would have lost the first playoff game anyway.

This morning I see the Packers and Vikings will play again this coming Saturday night.

Go Pack!!!!!!!!!!   --RoadDog

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