Friday, December 28, 2012

It Was a Time of Oranges...It Was a Time of David Vs. Goliath

And, we're going.  It is David (AKA NIU) vs. Goliath (AKA FSU).  And the meeting date is New Year's Night in Miami (well, near it).  And we're hoping for the best.

These are definitely the most expensive tickets to any such event that we have ever bought.

We'll be showing out Northern Illinois spirit all those many miles.

We have a room right by Hollywood Beach, Florida, where we'll spend New Year's Eve (four places within a half block).  New Year's Day will be Huskie rallies, a pre-game alumni reception, and, the game.  Here's hoping for the best, but we don't play BCS teams, even the bad ones, very well.  And, Florida State is definitely not a bad BCS team (along with a penchant for running up scores).

Then, we're thinking a couple days at Clearwater Beach and a week at PCB.

Off and Away We Go.  --RoadDog

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